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Dried Chilli - Cascabel (100.00g)

Brand: Chillis on the Web
Product Code: 361
Availability: 5-7 Days


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For me, one of the most interesting characteristics of chillies is that they are all so different, the Cascabel is no exception as the skin is very thin and becomes tough almost leathery.  While the seeds inside are numerous to say the least, but with a dried pod the seeds are loose and rattle around inside making a great sound, to the point that they were/are given to small children in Mexico to play with while the other pods are being cooked with.  The whole pod requires a longer period of soaking compared to other chillies and it is recommended that if using the skin is chopped up finely first.  The chilli for such a small skin is full of dye which makes a great colour sauce, while the slightly acidic thick flesh offers a medium rich flavour and a tannic quality that aims for the back of the throat.  Woodsy and smoky-flavoured, this chilli has nutty and tobacco overtones.  Each pod weighs approx 3-5g


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