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Dried Chilli - Naga Bhut Jolokia (100.00g)

Brand: Chillis on the Web
Product Code: 376
Availability: 5-7 Days


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We source our Nagas from Nagaland - dealing directly with local farmers.  This enables us to dictate the quality of the chillies - so you the Customer will get the most flavoursome, aromatic and hot Nagas possible.  The aroma from these chillies are just superb - fruitiest Nagas I have ever had!  So if you want quality, if you want 100% Pure Blood Red Pods, if you want to experience the true flavours of Nagas then these are the only ones for you.  Dont be fooled by cheap no flavour, or aroma nagas available on the market from Assam, Nagaland is where the pod evolved and still produce the best flavoured Nagas.  One of the most popular chillies in the world, I wonder if that has anything to do with the Heat!  One of the hottest chillies commercially available all year round.  Dried to preserve and enhance the full flavour not to mention the heat.  Have I mentioned the heat!?!  These Nagas have been Oven Dried Only and Not Smoked.   Use in the dish either rehydrated or chopped, either way they are just what you need to add a very distinctive flavour and heat to your dish. If eating dry, try heating the pod up on a dry pan for 5 secs each side to get the chilli oil flowing which will increase the heat sensation.  Typically a 10g pack contains approx 9 whole pods with at least a year best before date. The pods are whole and include the seeds, however due to the drying process the seeds are sterilised and it is very doubtful a seed will germinate


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