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URFA CHILLI FLAKES - Turkey (100.00g)

Brand: Foxs Spices
Product Code: 306
Availability: 5-7 Days

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Urfa is an awesome sweet chilli with a touch of natural smoke flavour and low in heat

Adds a unique and wonderful flavour to any dish or sauce, mixes well with cheese, uniquely well in any infusion cooking such as pasta dishes

Flakes make it easy to use while providing easy texture

Low Heat around 7500 SHU

This Chilli has been dried and flakes for ease of use, if not using the whole chilli or hydrating the whole chilli, then flakes are ideal for this use

Can used to create a marinade or straight into a sauce with the hydration but still providing texture

The Chillies are de stemmed and no seeds so you get 100% Chilli

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